4th And Goal

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Army v Navy

Had to include the picture of the Army Navy snap…….traditions HooAh! Alright folks, seems like forever since the last time I wrote, how time flys. A lot of things since then, new platform on About Fridays we’ve migrated to a blog format. I think we’re heading in the right direction, growing pains yes, but better in the modern age. We’ll work out the hiccups. I really want to keep the written part in that there is something powerful in that. Having said that we’re on the precipice of a major election, rather than spend my time on some eloquent post I’m choosing the weapon of choice in close quarters with no time for elaborate operation orders……..the shotgun blast. A billion things to talk about, but me and Tim have got you covered. Subjects we’ll visit this week are as follows……….


The King has no Clothes


So as a kid in the 60’s and early 70’s I was enamored by fairy tales, the more gruesome with a kick ass knight or king the better. Me and my brother would read them over and over, many an imaginary battle fought in the back woods, thousands of fair maidens saved during those years ladies and gentlemen in case you weren’t paying attention (you’re welcome!)…………I really don’t know how the book got in the house, where it came from…….God it was traumatic……..The King has No Clothes, what sick person came up with this story line?! For those of you who are fortunate enough to have not read this literary wonder consider yourself blessed. The killer of young boys fantasies, and better yet elaborately illustrated…………Fat naked king parading in front of his kingdom …….yuck………The Bauer Knights quit in ’76.

Dragons? yup, we got that, eat that and them for breakfast……….Invading Hordes? Absolutely, our forte the larger and more foreboding the invaders the better, bring it…….What’s that? Naked fat old king in public all the time? Nope the Bauer boys are out, fairy tales are over.

And so it goes for Mr Trump it seems. The Republican Party is bailing on their candidate as fast as ………..well……..people subjected to the spectacle of a naked want to be king.

At any rate we’ll touch on recent events, polls and predictions on all races. What things are the kingdoms knights fighting for now, one might ask?


The Queen of Scrabble


The Bauer kids grew up in a household where intellect and wit were held in high esteem….Actually that’s a gross misrepresentation, those two attributes were tested at almost every juncture in a loving and fun way. Scrabble was one of the “handed down” family tests of said attributes. Skip the loving part……..that game is ruthless in  my family. I to this day cannot remember a single time that my Grandma Simpson or Mom ever lost a single game. I don’t know who of the two was truly unbeaten as their games against each other were never spoken of, a true clash of the titans……My favorite memories of this was the undying , elaborate defenses of a words validity. For those that don’t know us, we are not only a clan of quite intelligent people, we are also quite gifted at embellishment and the defense of the same……Moms 2′ thick 1962 college Websters Dictionary sits in the ready upstairs in the bedroom for the next game whenever that is…….a couple words I did look up though…….

Disenfranchise – 23 points

Gerrymandering – 22 points

Fraud – 9 points (loser for the scrabble challenged, even if you hit the most loved double word score)

At any rate we’re going to throw the implications of the three around, and more important what do we do about it.

We’ll see you tonight, and yes it’s Friday GMT (we started this with an Army pic for Gods sake) ……………Go Cubs













Supreme Court — Should We Sweat A Shift?

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Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court pose for formal group photo in the East Conference Room in Washington

The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court gather for a group portrait in the East Conference Room at the Supreme Court Building in Washington, October 8, 2010. Seated from left to right in front row are: Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Associate Justice Anthony M. Kennedy, Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Standing from left to right in back row are: Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice Stephen Breyer, Associate Justice Samuel Alito Jr., and Associate Justice Elena Kagan. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES – Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW) – RTXT6Z5

Who understands what the Supreme Court is up to? I’ll be the first to admit I don’t. LOL.

So, me being me, I decided that in this week’s Only On Fridays LIVE we would delve into the recent history of the Supreme Court decisions from the view of what will change (or not change) if a Liberal Presidency gets put in 2017? Is it really a bad thing? What can we tell from the past as we look to the future? Interesting questions I think … definitely worth pondering.

Look forward to seeing you on the stream (or the replay). For those that forgot, the stream starts at 8 p.m. CST on Fridays and run for as long as we think we’re funny.



Back Story

— Last liberal (activist) court was the Warren Court. 1953-1969. Key decisions were on civil rights, civil liberties, judicial power, and federal power. Ended — racial segregation, prayer in schools, voting redistricting, etc. Height of judical power.
— Nixon, 1969 to 1974 appointed 4 conservative judges starting the current 45 year run of a conservative court
— Is it a coincidence that our shift of wealth in last 45 years (from middle class to upper class) is tied to the current conservative court run?
— Core difference in appointments (or one aspect) is how the constitution is read based on the view of the original writers … when slavery and other aspects were legal … or as a living document that should be viewed in context with what is going on and what has been done since it was written. Is one candidate more biased to a style of reading?

Points to Ponder

— Is it valid to worry so much (as a liberal or conservative) on a shift of majority? How often is a supreme court decision setting an irreversible tone/stance?
— In our gridlocked system, might the reemergence of ‘judicial power’ be a path forward (a 3rd force basically)?
— Who knows what a conservative versus liberal appointment means?
— Is Clinton really a bigger risk to shifting away from “Originalism”? Is that really what a conservative court represents?   What would have to be reversed if you applied this philosophy?

Cases Talked About (I read about)

— United States v Texas (2016). Challenge to Obama executive order Deferred Actions for Parents of Americas (DAPA). Basically delaying deportation of illegal immigrants if parents. Question was overreach of president power. Conservative court said yes. Stopped OBama. Theory is a liberal court would have allowed it. I would question if really this is a question of executive power … or a specific application of it. In reality both parties will leverage executive powers for their bias. So a specific case on a specific application is less concerning.
— Michigan vs. EPA (2015). Question was if the EPA’s interpretation of regulation for power plans considered cost and benefit enough (and stopping if payback wasn’t there). No was the answer. Scalia was swing vote. EPA showed it did exhaustive cost /benefit analysis just not in the first phase — however the court felt it was too little to late. Strange. As long as cost/benefit is done before action … what is the problem with doing it in a later stage? Regardless, not a case that warrants worry on appointment as the supreme courts decision can be reversed by congress (change the law; changes the regulations).
— Burwell v Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. (2014). Allow private companies to be exempt (or claim exemption) based on religious beliefs if there is a better way to achieve the goal of legislation. In this case it was requiring inclusion of birth control in benefits. Conservative Court said it was fair if better way existed. The point on this case is it was very well-known … but its impact is very narrow. So are we overreacting to a flip-flop on this issue?
— Citizens United Federal Election COmmission (2010). No need to beat this horse. The back story is interesting. Citizen United was a not-for-profit that wanted to air a critical film on Hillary. This was against the 2002 Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain / Feingold; 2002). Supreme Court reversed the district court decision to ban them based on 2002 legislation. Said unions and corporations can spend around elections. This plus PAC law allowed unknown entities to heavily spend in US Politics. Strange, but it’s not clear what a liberal or conservative court would do. Strongly not liked by public. To be honest I haven’t seen the massive shift I thought we would see when it was passed. Maybe its fine (get rid of dark money though). Either way I think this decision is flipped either way (moot for decisions).
— District of Columbia v Heller (2008). There was a ban of hand guns in District of Columbia and not in homes if not disabled. Conservative court said No Go. Working guns should be allowed in the home. This was just the banning of most extreme gun regulation (allow working in home). Not sure if a liberal court would overturn it rather look for more niche groups to restrict gun ownership. Isn’t this good government … a slow oscillation to the right answer? We banned all of it in homes. Reversed. No we look at a subset of that. Seems to make sense. Would a liberal switch to create this oscillation back a little be that bad?
— Rapanos v United States (2006). Debate of federal jurisdiction on water (how far back into wetlands, etc. does it go). Kennedy split tie. No, Feds were overstepping bounds. But is it a key worry if it had gone the other way (liberal court). Not really, any court decision here can be weakened by Congress or the president (directing the EPA on how to act).
— Gonzales v. Carhart (2003). Partial Birth Abortion Ban upheld by conservatives. Conservatives created an exception where abortion is illegal. Liberal court would probably overturn it but it’s really a small % of overall abortions. This one would be an example of an impact on shift.
— Redistricting (70’s ~). Insuring similar amount of voters in each district. Was winning in lower courts. And held for some time but lately (last 10 years) there was pressure on this case precedent. In 2013 (Shelby County v Holder) nullified the formula used to ensure the size of a district should equal all residents (not eligible voters) risking transfer of power to urban areas away from cities (low voter registration). Virginia has a pending case where it is being sued for putting basically all its black voters in one district. LOL. Good luck winning that in a liberal court.
— School Desegration (70’s ~). Fund public schools equally not based on local tax base (rich shouldn’t have different access to education). Was winning in lower courts. Conservative court removed (San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodgriguez) requirement that Texas fund school districts equally. Conservative court stopped this. Now schools are more segregated than they were in 1970.
— Labor Union Recognition (70’s ~). Employers have to recognize on basis of cards from majority of employees vs stalling for time by not recognizing this quick vote so to undermine the majority (and flip it). Conservative court didn’t press lower courts that didn’t enforce 1969 decision requiring quick recognition of a unionization request. Passive resistance basically. Liberal court could act to enforce this and enable unionization to occur (if there is a pent-up demand for it).
— Sex Discrimination (70’s ~; womans rights). Pregnancy as a disability that needs to be covered. District courts agreed.
— Abortion (70’s). Conservative court upheld Roe v. Wade but based it on privacy instead of equality exposing it to later narrowing of powers via legislation (abortion not covered by medicare, etc.). A liberal court could very well redefine this based on sexual discrimination (woman’s rights on her body being trump card) giving a strong pro-choice law foundation.


— How a Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Effect the Supreme Court (The Atlantic). http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/10/how-a-hillary-clinton-presidency-would-affect-the-supreme-court/501539/
— Definition of Originalism (Implied Bias of a Conservative Court; Clarence Thomas, Scalia). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Originalism. In short, apply the constitution based on the perspective of those living when it was written.
— After 45 Years of a Conservative Court, here is what a Liberal Court would do (Washington Post) https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/after-45-years-of-conservative-rulings-heres-what-a-liberal-supreme-court-would-do/2016/02/19/efa63ad4-d589-11e5-b195-2e29a4e13425_story.html?utm_term=.6618d917e01a
— Warren Court. Last liberal court (1953-1969). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Warren_Court

— Prior article on OOF regarding Supreme Court Bias. https://onlyonfridays.wordpress.com/2012/04/06/the-plans-of-mice-and-men/
–Perils of Eroded Civic Knowledge Forewarned by Former Justice Souter.  Good discussion of what civic duty is to understanding how politics work.

— The Supreme Court is a Winning Issue for Trump.   The link below points out how judicial conservatism would mean, in purist form: rollback of marriage equality (LGBT; based on liberal read of due process); allowing states to ban contraception AND abortion (same basis); numerous civil rights, environment, and federal laws (commerce clause); end of “right to remain silent” as well.  Relative to Due Process, the Supreme Court of the United States interprets the Clauses as providing four protections: procedural due process (in civil and criminal proceedings), substantive due process, a prohibition against vague laws, and as the vehicle for the incorporation of the Bill of Rights.  The Commerce Clause gives Congress the power “to regulate commerce with foreign nations, and among the several states, and with the Indian tribes.”.  Interesting how fuzzy the law it considering how dense (wordy) it is at the same time.


Voting in Protest — Help or Hurt?

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Who isn’t talking about protest voting.  You have those that hate Hillary so they are voting for Trump.  Those that hate Trump that are voting for Hillary.   Some are doing write ins.  Some are voting for 3rd or 4th party options.   Some are just refusing to vote at all.   But does it really matter?

So, today (10/14/16) on “Only On Fridays LIVE!” (streamed on Facebook at 8p.m. CST) we will ponder questions like this:

  1. What should be the core focus of your voting decision — the policies a politician has a track record of supporting (or says they will support) and can influence … OR … the character of the candidate themselves.  Is there really any great standard bearer?  Any politician, that on leaving office, you look back and say “Man, they really OVER DELIVERED on what they promised”?  If not, why are we so focused on the standard bearer and not on the policies they attest to represent?
  2. Why are we pondering voting for 3rd / 4th party candidates when historically they have never even gotten close to getting into the oval office?   Is it the goal of reaching 5% of the general vote (federal matching of campaign dollars)?  Lets say we got there and lets go further and say somehow a 3rd party becomes a visible entity (similar to UK)?  Is that what we really want?   Do we have evidence that multi-party systems (India, Italy, Germany, Japan, Mexico, etc.) are actually better than what we have?  If not, what are we chasing?  Is a splinter of the GOP (Trump’s posse) the most viable 3rd party?
  3. Do protest votes backfire in a 2-party system?  How did it work in the 2002 election (Gore vs Bush) and the vote trading between Gore and Nader voters in Florida and 2 other swing states?  Would of Gore won the election hands down if Nader had endorsed Gore (as you would typically see in Multi-party) to garner some form of policy concessions for his group?  If that had been recognized, do we not already have the potential for Multi-party impact due to the narrow band of states and margin of victory in those states determining elections?  Maybe our issue is negotiation by the minority parties (poorly done).
  4. What about this vote trading,  vote swap, vote pairing?   Is that the solution to protest voting?  Get your vote counted for 3rd/4th parties at national level but not putting at risk swing states for the better of the two parties you want to win overall (as your 3rd/4th won’t win).

It’s all related.  Should be fun chatting about.  If you have other questions you want pondered in this area … comment below before the stream and we’ll take a look … or you can call in during the show.

That said … see you LIVE! on Facebook tonight (10/14) at 8 pm CST.   If you can’t make it we’ll try to get a copy of the stream posted out here afterwards.


Links to ponder before and/or after the stream (stuff I looked at) … if you have others you think I should add comment below and I’ll edit:

Soap Bubbles

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The scene is in the kitchen late 70’s in Evergreen, Colorado. My brother Tim and I are standing side by side underneath the bright flourescent interrogation lights. Our captors are circling like sharks. “Open your mouth” says the disciplinary voice that is our father. Followed by the distinctive taste of a bar of soap being shoved in our mouth, “You stand there and dont spit it out until I say”……. “Open up again”, soap shavings are shoved on top of the vile concoction in our mouth….I try not to puke, and focus all of my attention to the view outside the window above the kitchen sink, trying somehow to focus and blur it out. Soap bubbles I am convinced are going to come out of my nose. For Gods sake I can’t look at Tim, the poor sap is already dry heaving……cant let that chain reaction start.

Ah the joyous memories of youth. I think the soap bar punishment was only used on two occasions if I remember correctly, but this is coming from a prisoner of war who was being interrogated. Water boarding has nothing on the power of the soap bar……..ok, maybe I exaggerate a smidge. We werent captives, maybe just two boys who had used foul language or lied to a large degree (maybe both). And both of us were guilty as charged….Looking back I know that the punishment certainly did fit the crime, how our parents allowed us to make it to adulthood without mercy killing the both of us is beyond me (and yes me being more deserving Tim). It imprinted an important lesson for me though, speech and how you use it are important. Words mean something, they are powerful they can be used for good or for bad. And lying is a web of deceit that will ensnare you…….always speak the truth and be kind, one of lifes greatest lessons.

If only this tactic or punishment could be implemented on the political stage and the media, and yes the populace. I am so tired of the whole political stage at this point , the lies,  personal attacks and deceit for sole purpose of obtaining a place of power is overwhelming…….Its not supposed to be about that , it’s supposed to be about determining who can best do the job……To show people who you really are, and let them decide. To give us enough information about the choices that we can make a educated decision on who we’d like to take care of us.

Instances of untruth and hatred are no strangers to either party…….lies in soundbites……..lies in debates………lies in omission of information…….speaking untruths about the other candidate…………lying about what you said hours if not days ago………the media being controlled…….controlling the message…….the instances and infractions are immeasurable. I dont even own cable for Gods sake because I spend more time determining what is true than gathering information so that I can make an informed choice.

I say we line the whole lot of them up with bars of soap sticking out of their mouths, shavings galore! See who dry heaves first……..Is it going to be Donald with the sweat popping out of the really, really bad comb over brow…….Or maybe Hillary with the soap bubble drifting out of the left nostril of that not so likable or believable face……..Ohhhh wait!, its Murdoch and the Koch brothers in the back looking like a washer that has been overfilled with detergent……..Holy shit its the desk jockeys at fox news!!!!!

Hey, wait a minute whats that huge pile of soap bars left over?

Whos that for????

Whats that, surely theres a mistake?? ……..That can’t be right……..Us??


Thats right, us………..The worst crime is knowingly spreading untruths. It’s really easy to sling mud and use words to hurt and make a point or influence. We (as in all of us) are as guilty as the political machine…………the golden rule people……….speak the truth and be kind. We need to get back to having an educated adult conversation, and to agree to disagree. I know that I cant control this monstrocity that is the election cycle………….but I do know that I can control me. I surely dont want a bar of soap in my mouth.

And trust me, you damn sure don’t want me to bust Dan the man out of retirement. I’m investing in soap trading options and retiring early if thats the case.

Anyway, my musings for the day. Hope this finds you all well.


Must be getting old

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So you blink it seems and you’re 50. Traveling this weekend, my oldest son is getting married in Oregon (how can this happen, seems like yesterday I was spending a gajillion dollars on Huggys size 8 for him)……….So long story short the blog will be written on a plane. Bear with me we’ll get it.

Robots, Education, Email (Vlog)

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This week’s vlog covers 4 topics that caught my eye:

— Robots – The Jetsons Coming Soon? (special guest Bill Gates)
— North American Math Programs Suck – Or Do They?
— Email Servers – Pot Calling Kettle Black
— Presidential Debates – RunBuck Fixes It All

Hope it brings you a chuckle.

RunBuck (Tim)


– Ontario Article – http://gizmodo.com/remember-when-peop…
– Ontario Article – http://news.nationalpost.com/news/can…
– Gates Reference – http://axisoflogic.com/artman/publish…
– Bush’s Private Email Server – http://europe.newsweek.com/george-w-b…
– Presidential Debate Moderation – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/p…

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Angst or Awakening

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The scene is twilight in Green Bay, Wisconsin. My parents, son Brock and I are walking back to the hotel after a couple of hours perusing the Tall Ships regalia. The road has been blocked off because Trump is actually having an event at the complex next door…..Imagine the pandemonium you see in a glimpse on the news snippets, then multiply it times a thousand……A huge running event is going on, cops gathered at every street barricade…And the noise as we got closer was crazy. Trump protesters were gathered across the street from the venue chanting, drums beating…..cops lined along the sidewalk behind them.

My mother spying this shouts, “I’m protesting”, no one who knows her is surprised. What is surprising is my 11-year-old yelling in response “I’m going too Grandma!”……My normal response in a situation like this is the same as both of them, but not the case this time. I’m nervous………..a lot! My child is out there protesting, Im scanning the eyes of every person coming within a hundred feet of him looking for any weird behavior or vibe. “God help them if they get close to him” keeps running through my head…..they’ll get 225 lbs of father fury!

The craziest things were


the comments as the Trump supporters went by……..”loser”…..”get a job”…..”Hillary’s a criminal”……..among some of the kinder quips. Even more suffocating was the feeling behind the voices of vitriol and hatred. It was absolutely amazing to me. You could feel it.

This post isn’t about Hillary, Trump, Bernie or any other politician or candidate. It’s about all of them. It’s about our political climate……..it’s volatile. This climate has gotten progressively worse in the past two decades. I could casually insert either candidates name into a conversation with a stranger in the town I live in and run a 60% / 40% chance of that stranger going off on some diatribe, hate filled, spittle flying rant about what a loser I was. All that based on two sentences and one name coming out of my mouth……It’s mind boggling to me.

Of course it’s not everyone or everywhere, but it’s an epidemic…..and we have to solve it.

My question to you all is how did we get here as a whole? And more importantly how do we get back to a place where there are differing opinions but also the ability to respect those opinions?